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Please call us during business hours for a consultation.  We encourage everyone to use the online scheduling system for a reservation.  If you have any issues, or concerns, please call us to help find a perfect spot for you! We have nail techs in training, as well as master nail techs.  Prices vary depending on your service providers level of experience.

We specialize in custom nail services using only a top rated professional acrylic and gel systems.   Precise application of these enhancements will reinforce and protect your natural nails.  Regular use of recommended products and maintenance will enhance the desired look for your lifestyle.  We guarantee all products are MMA free, and try to buy made in the USA as much as possible.  
*Pricing for services varies depending on the experience of your nail designer. *

Full Set Acrylic                         $45+
Full Set of Acrylic, either with tips or sculpted.  Sport length, square only.  For nail art or extreme shapes, please call.  **We do not apply any acrylic or gel products under 15 years of age. **

Full Set French Acrylic              $55+
Full Set acrylic with tips or sculpted.  French tips may be done in classic white, a bright color, or glitter.  These are sport length, square only.  For nail art or extreme shaping, please call.  **We do not apply any acrylic or gel products under 15 years of age. **

Fill-In Acrylic                             $30+
Maintain acrylic nails with 2 weeks of growth.  Active length/square only.  For art, extreme shapes, or longer length, please call.  For 3 week fills, add $5.  Fills that are over 4 weeks old will automatically become a new set.  **We do not apply any acrylic or gel products under 15 years of age.**

Fill-In/Rebalance French Acrylic       $35+
Fill in new growth area and file down/replace tip color.  Sport length, square only.  For nail art or extreme shaping, please call.  Nails that are not maintained for 4 weeks or more will receive a new full set.  **We do not apply any acrylic or gel products under 15 years of age.**

Removal of Acrylic                    $40
Acrylic is soaked off, followed by an IBX strengthening treatment and a natural nail manicure.  This service is for anyone wishing to take a break from acrylic for a while and go au natural.

*Extreme Nail Shaping/Length   $15+
Add on for any acrylic service, for adding length or shapes other than square.  This includes Almond, Stilletto, Oval, or Rounded shaping.  Price may vary by style.

*Bling Nail Art                                  $5 and up
Add nail art to any service!  Price varies to how many nails included and which art style is chosen.  Art may include nail stamping, foils, rhinestones, or some freehand styles.  Consultations for nail art available.  Photos preferred, but not all styles can be duplicated.

 Powder Dip Alternative                 $40 
Ditch the double dip with our powder coating system, Slick Pour.  Jumpstart traditional nail enhancements with this powder coat application process that’s easy to apply and remove. With a service that’s clean, our techniques of pouring on the powder versus dipping, which can cause contamination of products, leading to nail infection.  With this system, you’ll discover the durability and staying power of the soak off gel base and topcoat, combining the staying power of powder and the glossy shine of gel polish.  May be worn with colored powders or plain with gel polish on top.

Gel Polish Manicure                  $30+
We use a thin coating of soak-off gel that protects natural nails and lets them grow.  You may choose clear or a variety of colors with a splash of glitter if you wish!

*Acrylic under Gel Polish          $10
Additional layer of gel or acrylic on all fingers under gel polish. DOES NOT INCLUDE LENGTH...overlay on your nails only.

*Soak Off Gel or Acrylic Products $8
Add on to soak off gel polish if you prefer not to have it filed off.  We do not recommend this done often, which is why our staff is trained in the filing removal technique.  For regular soaking clients, we ask that you include an IBX Strengthening treatment at least once per month.

*Strength Treatment IBX           $10
Our unique treatment by IBX bonds the layers of your nails back together for better natural nail health!  Great for splitting, peeling nails, and an awesome treatment under gel polish for strength.  Add to any manicure or gel polish service, or ask for a consultation at your next appointment.  $10 for first application and kept up monthly, $5 if done biweekly.



We specialize in custom hand and foot care designed for your needs and lifestyle.  We do our best to purchase organic products and polishes that are all Formaldehyde, Tolulene and Pthalate free, as well as products made in the USA.  We reserve the right to refuse services if we believe a medical condition is present and in need of attention. + Pricing for services varies depending on the experience of your nail designer.  +

Spa Manicure                           $20 - $25
Nail and basic cuticle care with light massage and polish.

French Manicure                       $20 - $30
Nail care with light massage and French polish on the tips.

Lush Spa Manicure                   $25 - $35
Our signature custom service!  Nail care plus adds an exfoliating scrub, mask, and deep moisture with hot towels.

Naked Manicure                          $25 - $30
Bring your natural nails back to health!This manicure begins with
our innovative IBX treatment, used to improve nail plate integrity by targeting imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long.After a cuticle treatment, hand scrub, and massage, we use our color perfecting polishes from Zoya, a leader in vegan and healthy, organic products.The results instantly transform the cosmetic appearance of nails and delivers long-term therapy benefits over time.

For ultimate results, we recommend a series of three manicures in a months time, as well as a take home kit to use in between salon visits.

Russian Manicure                     $40+
A custom service for very dry, cracked skin with overgrown cuticles. Experience intense cuticle care to get rid of built up skin and hangnails, add a nail strengthening treatment, plus an exfoliation and a deep hydration treatment with either a paraffin or mask, depending on your skin needs.  Polish or buff the nails to a high shine.

*Paraffin Dip                             $10
Add a fabulously soothing treatment that soothes with heat and heals with natural oils and wax.  A great addition to any manicure, pedicure, or gel service.

Polish Change                          $10 hands/$15 feet
Not enough time for a full service?  Get a refreshed look on your nails with a quick color change.  For toes with a light filing, add $5.  **This does not include gel polish**


Feet take an enormous amount of abuse everyday, with an average of 10,000 steps daily!  We provide care with the highest level of caution for diabetic and other illness related issues. We reserve the right to refuse service if we feel there is a medical complication.  This is for your safety!  Please do not shave or wax 24 hours before a foot service.

Spa Pedicure                            $25 - $38
Toenail care with light exfoliation, massage, and polish.  ** This pedicure does not address built up callous or major foot issues.  Please try our Lush Pedicure or Russian Pedicure for a deluxe experience.

Lush Spa Pedicure                   $35 - $44
Our signature custom foot care! Toenail care plus an added focus on calluses, exfoliating mask, hot towels, and deep massage using our specialty line of European healing products.  This is a custom pedicure which addresses any issues you may have with your feet.

Detox Specialty Pedicure          $45
This is our Lush Spa Pedicure with an added detox treatment formula.  First meditate as you soak in the magnesium sulfate and herbal formula for 15 minutes, followed by your custom foot care, with choice of scented scrub.  Relax with a specialized Somatology massage, using the natural serum full of anti-oxidants in vitamin E and C, plus Argan oil.  Top it all off with your favorite polish and sparkle!

Russian Spa Pedicure              $60
Treat your feet with intense cuticle and callous care to get rid of built up skin and hangnails, using a variety of tools, plus add a deep hydration treatment with paraffin or mask.  Relax with a pressure point massage, with a polish of your choice or buff the nails to a high shine.  We use our specialty line of European products along with special tools for this custom treatment.  ** Highly recommended as a dry pedicure for diabetics. **

Rock Star Pedicure                   $50+
Shine like a diamond in the sky!  We use a thin coating of soak-off gel that protects natural nails and lets them grow.  You may choose from a variety of colors with a splash of glitter, or get crazy with layers of all glitter if you wish!  Your toes are instantly dry, no smudging of polish, and lasts for up to 6 weeks!

Princess Services
Children over 5 years old may receive shortened services if accompanied by a parent who is scheduled for a single nail service.  Anyone under the age of 15 may not receive any artificial nails.  Due to the maintenance required for acrylic or gel, and likelihood of the product peeling off, it may result in damage to their natural nail. We do not wish to start any girl's spa experience this way.
We are happy to do the following:

  • Princess Mani                                $14
  • Princess Pedi                                  $18
  • Polish Change                                $10
  • Nail Art: stamp art, a rhinestone or glitter topcoat    $1 per nail


For Elite Guests
Purchase a series of six of your favorite manicure or pedicure services for a 15% discount, plus receive 10% discounts on any retail products!   Ask how to become an elite guest!

For information on waxing and skincare services, visit Leigh's page here.

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